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11 Sep. 2012

Mr. syed shahnawaz hussain, National spokesperson of BJP , Govt. Of India.



About is one of the most popular Websites today. Mohan loves to write frequently and you can visit and see his posts on He started this Website last year in Sep 2012 and this was inaugurated by Mr. Shahnawaz Hussain, Ex-Cabinet Minister Govt. Of India, and Ex. M.P (Bhagalpur).



Here on, Mohan has made provisions to find several utility based information regarding administration, Health, Education, Cultural & Religious activities on one click. The visitors may get information related to needful resources, such as Bank, Doctor, Education, Teacher, Local News, Gausala,Local Organization, Hospital, Reporters, Local bodies, (Nagar Panchayat, Village-Mukhiyas, Block- Pramukhs, Ward Commissioners etc.) Library and many dos don’ts especially about the Website. is fully dedicated to Social Service through latest Cyber Facilities and especially to Naugachia which constitutes a huge social media community. Here you can find each and every information, small or big that may serve the cause of the common man, woman of all walks of life   .

Naugachia an Introduction

With its lush green fields extending to the limit of vision, with its orchards spotted like nature-sponsored watchmen to guard the crop of almost all varieties except those which grow only among hills, with its two rivers-The Ganga and Kosi with some flood-born tributaries to the two, and with its toiling farmers, labours, workers,and their yawning leisurely tiredness as if they have exhausted their life-blood in vain waiting for a brighter morrow, Naugachia is both the earth and the heaven. Having enjoyed a very flourishing role in the near past as transaction point of jute and maize merchandise, its glory is again on restoration fast day-by-day. The past of Naugachia is not ordinary. It is the seat of mythical and folk culture

Sati Behula

Sati Behula- a real embodiment of love, devotion, truthfulness and felicity- was born in the village Uzani, a place only three kilometers away from Naugachia Railway station. She fought the war of her wife-hood and got returned the life of her husband from the mouth of a Mata Bishahri –‘the Snake Queen’. This is a sensational but true story known to everyone and Behula is worshipped every year with great ceremonial custom in the entire ANG REGION. The area is notable for communal harmony as well.

Baba Magan Saheb

In Bihpur, there is a tomb. The Peer’s abode- Baba Magan Saheb’s grave. Every year, He is commemorated and people from Hindu as well as Muslim community show their devotion to Him. Before being a sub-division, it could not get proper and needful attention of the so-called “Vidhatas” of the country. At present, Naugachia is striving to shoot its head as a developing town yet, despite having gold of crop, this has been a fated locality still wanting a place in agro-industrial map of the state . The above is the credential well set through the millennia of civilization..


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